I have created this blog to talk about things I know (which isn’t a whole lot), learn from you, and just try something new.

Who I am: My name’s Noelle. I’m 26. I have no pets, ehhhh, not ready for that commitment. I have no kids because revert back to sentence 3. I’m married to my HS sweetheart, as cliche as that sounds, it’s pretty cool and so is he. I graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelors in Communication with a Business and Art minor in 2011. (OU is the best place on Earth.)  I was pretty undecided about life then, and I still am. However, I’m not undecided about living in the moment, so that’s what I’m doing.

What I do: I work in the “corporate business world.” In sales. In a cubicle. 8-5. I like to think I’m known (in a small fraction of NE Ohio) as the number one printer specialist, that can help you with all your printing needs! Wow! I know! It’s so cool- right!? Actually, I’ve picked up more knowledge about printers than I thought was possible. So, I’ll be sharing them with you via youtube, and what not. I know there are some IT people out there dying to know!

What I am: Someone who ain’t great at sticking to things, but is trying. Pretty happy, and bubbly. You might find that annoying, but in most cases, I find it’s pretty contagious. I’m probably a basic white girl. I like to think I’m a bit deeper than that, but I do have Uggs and a Northface…so…yeah. I’m setting out to do something with my life that will make an impact, I just don’t know what it is yet.

What I have: Ulcerative Colitis. It sucks ass. But, I’m trying to stay positive. Due to a blog I read recently, I’ll be trying out the Paleo diet and seeing if this will help me.

Where I am: Like I said in Ohio. But, more than that…you can find me in my house, usually sitting in my recliner either reading, watching a movie/show, or on Buzzfeed, ifunny, or Reddit. I am in a book club and it’s freaking awesome. It’s more like a wine club, actually.  Oh, I’m bringing some exercise back into my life. At least 3 days a week you can find me at the local gym.

Goals for 2015:   I created a small bucket list for myself that are going to be accomplished this year! This seems lame with how small these goals are, but as I said before it’s hard for me to stick to anything… I will be making a T-shirt Quilt, I want to find 10 geocaches (don’t know what that is? Go here: https://www.geocaching.com/play), I want to get my concealed carry license, I am going to have a 6 pack by Summer, I would like to get some IT classes under my belt, and to sell 50 contracts at work!


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